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TITLE: UnknownOnly Ones Who Know (acoustic)
ARTIST: Unknown Arctic Monkeys
PLAYS: Unknown499375

Klara Liden (Swedish, born 1979)
Untitled (Poster Painting)
Date:(2008)Medium:Torn and pasted printed paper and paperDimensions:93 x 33 1/2” (236.2 x 85.1 cm)Credit Line:Fund for the Twenty-First CenturyMoMA Number:593.2009Copyright:© 2014 Klara Liden


the arctic monkeys look like a 50s gang and im afraid they’re going to come out of the shadows one night and rhythmically snap their fingers at me


acne paper by fieldguided on Flickr.


*laughs while actually getting feelings hurt*


(by the blue rabbit house)
Don’t. Unless you’re planning to stay, don’t. Because they will take forever to get over you once they’re attached to you. And when it’s over, they will be even more broken than they were before. So unless you’re planning to stay, don’t.
A Sad Person’s Advice On Dating Sad People (via looking-for-melissa)